We can do a lot better than that.

How about cook it, keep yourself warm and in some cases heat your domestic water and radiators.

The icing on it is the smile on your face when you realize that the whole process costs a few logs and no electricity, save money and join the fun.


The Corner Pie Pod is feature packed, multi fuel stove incorporating an oven space above.

Use the base of the oven to boil, fry, toast and cook pizzas, the middle of the oven for roasts and bread baking and the top of the oven for pastries whilst simmering takes place on the stove top plate. Bring electricity free, self sufficiency, a little closer.






About the Oven


  • Features

Triagular dome topped oven heated on all five sides and vented to the flue in the top.

6mm thick, heavy duty, replaceable steel oven bottom plate.

The oven is 300mm wide and can accommodate a 200mm diameter casserole.

Longer lasting stainless pastry tray and matching wire rack with lifting tool.

Two position stainless tray supports.

Glass panelled oven door with temperature gauge.

Stay cool oven door handle.

  • Oven Function

Before we can get the oven working correctly we have to have a good combustion system under it to provide the right type of flames from which we can heat the oven.

Flames rise vertically from the fire and hit the stainless baffle plate which deflects them around the bottom of the oven and then up around the sides, back and over the domed oven top passing under the simmer plate before leaving the appliance. This process ensures that the oven is taking maximum energy from the flames making the

cook stove extremely efficient.

About the Stove


  • Super Clean Burn Multi Fuel Combustion

High temperature firebox ling system providing much better combustion and a longer burn


Three controlled air routes into the stove, Air wash air to help keep the door glass clean.

Over fire air for wood burning. Under fire air for solid fuel.

Longer lasting stainless steel grate, grate frame, baffle, front fret, fiddle rail and hinges.

Burn wood, peat or solid fuel and cook in the oven with no electrical consumption.

  • Ash Cleanliness

The special internal design of the combustion chamber and front fret constrains ash where it should be, inside the stove and not on the hearth in front of it. In addition the stove has a deep ashpan capable of holding 24 hrs continuous burning.

  • Water Heating

Heat water and radiators from a boiler version.

  • All Night Burning

With the large capacity firebox and high temperature firebox ling system the stove can squeeze the last drop of heat from whatever fuel you choose to burn.

  • Additional Features

Fully adjustable door hinges.

Fully adjustable door lock.

Stay cool easy to use door handle.

Stainless steel grate.

Stainless steel grate carrier.

Stainless steel front fret.

Stainless steel baffle plate

External Riddling.

Built in rear heat shield.

  • Dimensions


















  • Weights

Dry 85kg

Wet 110kg

Designed and manufactured in the U.K.

terryhibbard design.

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