Back Cabin Cooker, Solid Fuel

Issue 2 20-05-15



For fellow enthusiasts of Sustainable Living, Bubble Products are a must, the oven stoves will give you warmth, pleasure and many years of trouble free service with cooking thrown in for free, it’s all available from the wonderful Bubble Pie Pod range of Wood and Multi Fuel  Cooking and Heating Stoves.

The latest addition to the family is the amazing Multi Fuel, Back Cabin Cooker.



  • OVEN SIZES are 297 deep x 245 wide x 297 high with two position oven tray supports together with a stainless oven tray and stainless wire rack.
  • HOT PLATE 334 wide x 226 deep with hot spot and simmer areas.
  • Optional Hinging insulated hot plate lid.
  • Glass panel oven door in which is mounted a thermometer.
  • Glass panel firebox door with Airwash.
  • Compact overall sizes suitable for back cabin and any other location.
  • Flue positioned 187mm in from back of cooker to allow easy flue pipe fitting in Narrowboats avoiding tumblehome.
  • Stay cool oven door handle.
  • See through oven door with built in temperature gauge.
  • See through firebox door with airwash.
  • Stainless steel oven tray.
  • Stainless steel wire oven rack.
  • Fully adjustable door hinges and locks.
  • Built in heat shields to reduce rear and side radiation.
  • Easy access controls.
  • Easy access lighting.
  • Stainless steel grate carrier, front fret and grate, the high chrome content of the stainless steel grate gives a much longer life.
  • Deep ash pan, capable of holding 24 hours of burnt ash.
  • Relatively large combustion chamber capable of holding a large fuel load.
  • Three controlled air routes into the stove.
  • Bolt down brackets fitted  legs allowing the cooker to be securely fastened down.



  • Fiddle rail.
  • Purpose made flue system.
  • Insulated Hot Plate lid.
  • Stainless or Brass hob saver.
  • Pizza Brick.
  • Stove top Fan
  • Stove top temperature gauge.
  • Wood fuel humidity meter.

Excellent cooking facilities with large oven and ample fire box dimensions capable of holding enough fuel for recoverable burning times of up to 10 hours. (Solid fuel only.)


Colour Options

High temperature painted finish Black, Almond, Gun Metal or Dark Forest Green.

Door hinges and hinge pins can be either stainless steel or brass to provide a good blend of options with the range of colours.

The stove side of the cooker employs the long life, stainless steel riddling grate, grate frame, ash pan and baffle plate which when coupled with fully adjustable door hinges, three lots of air for combustion and the firebox design allows for overnight burning on solid fuel.


Dimensions and Weight.

WEIGHT   100Kg







An Air Wash System operated by a simple lever control. See fig 1

A Secondary Overfire Air System operated by a sliding air inlet valve for burning wood. See fig 1

A Primary Underfire Air Control System operated by a simple rotary valve for burning smokeless fuel. See fig 1

All of these controls allow the user to achieve a steady, high degree of temperature control over both the hot plate and oven; an obvious requirement for good cooking performance.

Ash spillage, leakage and resultant mess is a major problem on boats and as a consequence we have designed features into our cooker to mitigate this problem.

Bubble Stoves can significantly reduce your running costs and produce the most amazing pyrotechnics which demonstrate our technology at work.

Fall in love with a Pie Pod and it will give you many hours of fun and pleasure.

Can be used for heating Narrowboats, Canal Boats, Dutch Barges, Sheffield Keels, Sheds, Shepherds Huts and Yurts.





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